Friday, December 9, 2011

Nativity Costumes

So here is the basic outline of how I made just about all the Nativity costumes. After these instructions, each costume only needs minor unique adjustments:
The angel costume has sleeves and a fitted bust. For one of the wise men I left off the sleeves. For Mary I made the sleeves fitted, and for Joseph I changed the neck into a V neck. I made the costumes ridiculously big so they would fit EVERYBODY!! 

Here is how to make these costumes. First, and this part is always confusing, lay the fabric out flat then fold so the short ends are together. (the fabric I bought was 48" wide) 

Then fold the long ends together. You want somewhere between 2-3 yards of fabric.

Now, you want to find the corner of the fabric with both folds. This is were you will cut the neck hole. I would start by making the cut hole about 5 inches wide. You can always make it bigger, but it's much harder to make it smaller.

This is the fun part. Now you are gonna create the shape of the garment. For the angel, I made sleeves with openings and the silhouette a triangle (make sure you don't make the bust too tight). For Mary I made the sleeves straight and the silhouette more rectangular. For Joseph and one of the wise men, I didn't add sleeves. The possibilities are endless.

Here is the final silhouette, still folded, with the neck hole on the upper right of the picture.

When you unfold the first fold it should look something like this. The top of the sleeves should still be uncut. So, you just need to sew up the sides and the bottom of the sleeves, and hem the neck, sleeve ends, and the bottom of the dress.

Here is the final product. I give you . . . The Angel!

I will try to get some pictures of the other costumes up as soon as possible. If you have any questions about making these costumes, let me know.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas is in the Air!

It's the merriest time of year! Now that Thanksgiving has passed we can hang the lights, turn up the Christmas music, and wrap the presents. I am a firm believer that Christmas with all of its trimming should come only after Thanksgiving. Isn't that the order they are in? Anyways, I had a request from a friend to post a tutorial on easy, homemade Nativity costumes. Our ward is putting on a play called "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever." It's based on a book and has been made into a movie. It's a really cute play and the kids in our ward are doing a great job. I jumped at the chance to make the costumes for the Nativity scene. It was much easier than I anticipated. I am gonna do a few posts on this. So I will start with a list of supplies and how to make halos.

The costumes are going to use a lot of material. I bought a couple of flat bedsheets at Walmart for $5 to make the shepherds and Joseph. For Mary, the angel, and the wise-men I got satin-poly material from Hobby Lobby. I used the 40% coupon that can be found online. I'm sure I'm leaving out a lot but I will add as we go.

Okay, for the Angel and the little choir of angels' halos I used 18mm wire (Hobby Lobby), gold garland (Dollar Tree), and a headband (Dollar Tree).

First, cut the garland into the halo circumference you want; then measure the wire to the same length. Twist garland around wire. Shape into a circle.

Second, (this part is optional) paint headbands white. Spray paint works best. I got the cheap kind from Walmart for $1.

Third, cut two wires 3" long each to hold up the halo.

Fourth, wrap one end of the 3"-wire to the halo. Try to secure it tightly with hot glue to keep in place.

Fifth, wrap the other end of the 3"-wire around the headband and use pliers to tighten the wire around the headband. 

All Done!