Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jimmer's Kings vs Rockets

So our computer has been on the fritz and is on its way out the door. Hopefully I will be posting from a new computer soon. I have a few posts ready to go, but I'm gonna parsel them out. Since we got back from vacation we have been taking mini-vacations. 

We got lucky enough to snag a few tickets to the Houston Rockets vs Sacramento Kings, which just so happens to be the team Jimmer was drafted to! We got the tickets through the BYU Alumni, who also upgraded our tickets. We sat about 30 rows from the court; it was awesome!

Here is one of 4 points Jimmer made throughout the game. 
Bruce took this great picture of Jimmer on defense.

 Team huddle!

Us and the court. I realized a little too late that I needed the flash to be on.

And this is what  Bruce would have looked like if he pursued a career in professional hoops. 

We really had so much fun going to a real live professional basketball game. Even though Jimmer didn't preform at the level we are used to seeing, it was super fun to scream for him whenever he got the ball.

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