Sunday, August 17, 2014

Birthday Girl

Little girl S is turning one! I can't even believe that she has been in our lives for a whole year. She went from this adorable little chunk
To this beautiful little girl

She is such a blessing from our Heavenly Father! In honor of her birthday week, we learned about birthdays. Here is our schedule for the Week:
Monday- Balloons, balloon pit with pool, tossing balloon, rolling, kicking, making noises with balloons, fill them with different things= rice, air, water, jello, cotton balls, etc, blow bubbles
**WARNING: beware of latex allergies. My husband gets red itchy painful skin when he blows up balloons so I chose not to use latex balloons but FOIL balloons instead. Due to fussiness we didn't get to most of them. She did have fun crinkling the semi flat balloon and punching them around.
Tuesday- Birthday Apparel and Games, birthday crown, boa, blow out candles, noise makers, dance party
I pulled out some of S's favorite stuffed toys to use as "birthday guests." We took turns putting on party hats and necklaces. Mostly I put the stuff on and she took them off. Then she put the necklaces on me. It was very cute watching her put the necklaces on and off. Cousin J played dress up with us too.
Wednesday- Presents, different wrapping paper, play with tape on box and floor, play with tissue paper, stuff boxes with toys, top with bows
I think I was more excited about this than she was. I took some of her favorite toys and wrapped them in different boxes and bags. We talked about the size of the bags and boxes. She especially loved the noise of the tissue paper and opening and closing the lid to the box.
Thursday-Cakes, bake cake or cupcakes, decorating with frosting, building a cake
We didn't end up doing this, unfortunately =(  Life got too busy. But I did find an awesome recipe for delicious whipped cream frosting that didn't have too much sugar in it. Here is the link:
This is another good one
** Just make sure you don't over whip your cream**
Friday- Birthday Day! Cake Smash, special dinner, swimming
 We ended up doing her birthday party a week early because we had cousins in town and we wanted to celebrate with them. On her actual birthday Dad came home early and we had mashed potatoes, meat balls, and corn (her favorite foods), and cupcakes. Thanks to Skype, Gramma and Grampa Graham, Auntie Hil and Uncle Justin got to sing happy birthday to her too. It was a fun first birthday.
Books: Birthday Monsters by Sandra Boynton, Bear's Birthday by Stella Blackstone, The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli, A Birthday for Cow! by Jan Thomas, Birthday Rhymes Special Times by Bobbye S Goldstein
Birthday Songs: All of my favorite birthday songs came from the primary song book,  
We also watched a lot Elmo's World Birthday episode on
I hope you enjoyed reading and got some good ideas. See you next week.

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