Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer's First Birthday Party!

Let it be known that Summer Ann Colton has survived her first year of life, despite her parents' lack of experience and training. We shall celebrate with CAKE!!
To see the birthday girl's cake-eating experience click here: 
And presents!

And who could forget that delicious spaghetti dinner . . .

It was a great day, and fun was had by all! Thank you to our family who made it a very special day.  

Tips for toddler birthdays:
1. Keep guest list to intimately known friends.
2. I would suggest doing the party in this order: Sing & Blow out candles, give guests cake and ice cream and have birthday person open gifts while guests are eating, then give birthday girl or boy cake. As the guests finish eating, give them gift bags. That way everyone is always busy with food or toys. (This is not a tested theory).
3.If you want to make colored whipping cream frosting, mix the color in the cream before starting to whip it. Don't over whip cream into butter! Here is the recipe I used I also suggest this recipe if you are going to be leaving your cake/cupcakes out for a while
4. Have snacks for kids as they arrive to they won't be overwhelmingly hungry for cake and ice cream before it's time.
5. Keep gifts out of reach of kids.
 (Thank you Julie for a lot of these tips!)

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